If you were invited out of the blue to take a lie detector on the Jeremy Kyle show, would you go?

Imagine you'd been to a friend of a friend's house ( who you didn't know very well) and they got in touch with Jeremy Kyle because they wanted you to do a lie detector would you go? They'd accused you of stealing some money


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  • Why should I go if they have evidence against me let them call the cops


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  • Yep. The thing about lie detectors is they only catch you out if you know you're lying.

    I have quite a few times convinced myself that a lie was the truth. It's pretty easy.

    Just deny that you stole the money then start wondering who could have done it. Where would it be. Confuse yourself about who might have it or where it could be and start coming up with explanations for where it went.
    Eventually you will confuse the truth in your mind so much that you'll start believing that you actually don't know.

    Do this before you go on the show and you're set.

    (May not work for everyone. This is just how my mind works)

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