Mobile gag users?

Let your phone auto type a reply.
Be careful, it sometimes gives a hint of what kinda conversations you usually have. So, let your phone tell us a story 😉

The way around the corner from you soon and I will be able to have your pick from such a good time to have a boyfriend just to have a first class service and the guy actually told me they don't have enough women doing it and it looked good for the kid but can never say a word to them if they're bad credit card details are as follows the same time as the female is just dumb girls will run around guys in the world and not having her help in everything from the office or just meet up with some of your friends from outside of work to do with it for life but it will be in the first place because you're obviously below me and not worth any better than the other too much protein can cause hair to break or fall out of the hat and I will be able to have your pick once you get to a certain extent of the day before the end of this message is not much you could just as I have been using the n the other hand ✋


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  • Damn the outcome was too awkward to post. Sorry

    • You have to haha

    • You said it sometimes gives a hint. It gives WAAAAAAAAAAAY more then hints :(

    • Yea i was nicely surprized mine didn't haha. Come on, Norwegians are brave!

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