First 5 things you would do if you were the only person in your city/town?

Okay, so say you woke up one day and found out you were the only person left in your city or town. everyone else just disappeared. so no laws or witnesses. what are the five things you would do first besides freaking out and looking for people. what are the five things you would do for fun?

1. take all the guns and ammo from the places that sell them.
2. take all the money from stores.
3. get the clothes I want.
4. get the cars I want.
5. get the pictures of my family before moving out of town. I know its actually 6 but I think moving out of town shouldn't really count. what am I gonna do? stay there in an empty place for years? nope.

everyone in the world isn't gone. only the people in your city/town.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Eat all the food in the restaurant
    2. Snoop around the professors office to find out what grade he is giving me for the term
    3. Take all the clothes in the mail
    4. Get all the jewellery from the jewellery store
    5. Go swimming in other people's pools


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  • I'd pretty much do everything you already listed but I gather important things like important supplies and equipment for survival, and or some or few things that could be really valuable and expensive to pawn/trade/sell them. All depending upon if all that cash isn't enough to secure a safe and comfortable retirement already. Which it probably would since the city I live in is big enough. I won't really bother with too many different cars other than just few of the most important ones that will actually last for a long amount of time, and is not too difficult or expensive to maintain.

    The weapons and ammo is very much needed first since I do not know what the fuck is going on and think my life is in immediate danger and I won't take any chances with it. I might continue searching and trying to locate and communicate with known friends, family members and relatives and see if I get anything, but if communications is completely dead, then I think I'm really in some serious shit now.


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  • Haha Melbourne without people?
    Unimaginable oO
    But yeah I think I'd go get myself nice clothes & jewelry from every shop I like 💁🏻
    Get money from the bank & then go get a nice car and some food and start a trip to look for other people.
    I'm not one of those people who can stand being alone for very long.

  • I don't steal because it's wrong, not because I'd get caught. That's kinda shitty.

    I'd like to be the only person in a huge swimming pool, though.

    • is it really stealing if no one is there to claim it as theirs? everyone is gone in your town or city and they're off the face of this earth and never to return.

    • They're gone forever? I think I missed that part. If probably freak the f out and get outta there!

    • That's why I put, "what are the five things you would do first besides freaking out and looking for people. what are the five things you would do for fun?"

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  • I live in New York City so I can just raid every food, clothing, car, electronic, jewelry, and etcetera store I can find. It will be awesome, and fun too so that is what I will be doing over here so.