Most embarrassing school memory?

Mine, in order of cringiness:
1) I accidentally sent a sext intended for my SO to my Chem TA in my freshman year of college.
2) Deliberately peed out the window of an upstairs bathroom with a friend in first grade trying to hit pedestrians (because we were really shitty kids) and getting caught.
3) Fucking up during a piano recital in the second grade and crying.
4) Getting a demerit for mooning someone.
5) All the times I've called various teachers "mom".


Most Helpful Girl

  • -Forgot to bring a tampon and I bled through my uniform
    -Throwing up in front of class during a report
    -Having to play male characters in school plays
    -Shamelessly talking about sex with my classmates (because duh, we're all girls, no one's gonna care), and nuns who were passing by overhearing our conversation, and they made us go to the chapel and recite 10 Hail Mary's


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  • I threw up in grade two during a test.
    I slipped in front of all the high school students in grade 5.
    I had my period and the blood was showing through my pants and on the chair...


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  • Number 5 happened to me once 😂😂 But she was a nice lady 😊