Do you ever mark a message on Facebook as unread and then never read it again/respond?

If so, why?

I mean like anywhere from a few days to months after it was sent... why not just have it viewed as read and be done with it?

  • Yes, I do that because...
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  • No, I don't bother doing that, I only mark something as unread when it's important and needs my attention later...
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  • Why would I mark messages as unread? I respond when I need to.
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I notice that the people I am not that close to do that a lot on Facebook... I starting to get the vibe they do that so I won't talk to them as if it's like they're saying "we'll if I wasn't willing to read your message don't respond to me" or they just don't care.


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  • I have done that, because the girl was playing mind games. Responding days to a week later, still asking to meet up with me but then being flakey, trying to make me jealous, etc.

    So I just treated her like I would someone I wouldn't care about... with minimal effort and/or avoidance.

    • I wish the girl who was playing mind games with me was doing it like that instead the awful things she said & did...

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    • Ya that's fair enough if she did. Been through that kind of toxicity in the past. Learning experience is all.

    • I was never in love with her and it was short lived but I knew her for a few years... I heard some rumors when she was dating/living with my closest friend at the time, things got messy between the 3 of us. I felt really bad and partly responsible for their breakup 5 or so months later as well (like I created a avoid that wasn't there before).

      Anyway a year later after they broke up our paths crossed, we talked, we hung-out and things happened... but something didn't feel right. It was as if there was two sides of her like an actor playing a role in a play and I couldn't tell which was witch. All I did know was she had an ugly side saying cold thing but pleading they were out of sincerity and love.

      All that change when I caught her on a date with another guy... the way she acted revealed that she was a liar & manipulator playing head games for personal gains. It took me a while to piece the trail of deception together but by then it was already too late. So all I could do is end it.

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  • I got a message in June this year and I really didn't want to respond after reading it, so I haven't had a Facebook account since June anymore...

    • Isn't that's a little drastic?

      What was the message about & who was it from?

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