What age do older people stop referring to guys as young men?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I call people older than me "young".

    Anyone under 35 I refer to them as "young man" or "young woman".

    I don't think it's polite to call someone in their 20s a girl... or a boy (Like I see a lot of people).
    I think that is the correct title to give someone.

    I am careful with how I refer to people because some people get offended.
    If I call someone "Ma'am" or "Sir" they tend to feel old when it's a term of respect.
    So calling someone "young" never hurts.

    • And I'm not really a older person... typically see people are in my age range.

      If I were say...50s everyone would be young to me generally speaking.

    • ****(Like I see a lot of people do)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Usually in the mid 20's as long as said young Man shows a descent level of maturity. You know doesn't still think and do the crazy shit a kid would do


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  • Probably never considering you are younger than they are. So you're a young man to them.

    • I think there is a general age though when people stop referring to you as a young man.

    • I would say somewhere in your late 30's then.

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