Would you be scared of seeing the ghost of a loved one?

How would you react if they just appear suddenly or you feel them. This is someone that care about you deeply when they were alive, someone you were close to.

I've been hearing a couple stories about loved ones either visiting the person, showing up in dreams or feeling their presence. Never happened to me but I think I would be shocked at the moment, then feel bad that I got scared of someone that would never hurt me.

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  • I wouldn't exactly be "happy" to see them. But at first I'd think I must be hallucinating or something.

    If it isn't so then I'd be surprised, and yet disappointed. I would want to know now that they have the information of what it's like being dead and still retaining consciousness in a non-physical form. That in some ways at least becomes a confirmation to me and that for being just dead physically over does not mean it's completely all over. Maybe then that relieves a lot of discomfort and nihilism that I had been suffering for some time now.

    More importantly why return to visit me and whether they had paid anyone else in my family or their friends a visit?

    Is there some really important shit they have to tell me? Like life-changing, or to warn me of some imminent danger I will soon encounter or face? I'd want to know why come back to pay me a visit at all.

    Either way shit I'd have tons of questions for them.


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  • Voted B. I would do ANYTHING to see my deceased dad one more time, even if it is in ghost form. I miss him so much. :(

  • No that would be pretty cool like this one episode of are you afraid of the dark it was very sexy and emotional

  • Deeply terrified, then calm down and talk to them

  • I woild have something to laugh about


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