Who made bad words?

why are they called bad words? why can't they be normal words? don't you think it's stupid? they're legit just words lmfao.


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  • People breed meaning into words and say its disrespectful if you say this and respectful if say that. So we are brainwash to believe that certain words are offensive though some of us dont think so. Like the word n**ga or n***er. It hurts our elders cause it meant something to them. it was to bring them down. And for others its the term of endearment. But if you call me that world imma say that word mean black and i didn't know Carmel was black. You're color blind, you should get that checked out. So yeah people be brainwashed regardless.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd7dQh8u4Hc

    Maybe Michael Stevens can explain it better than I can.


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