What is your most embarrassing drunken story?


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  • I slept in an industrial wheelie bin because I was so drunk and couldn't find my way home.


    Another time, I came home, stripped off and went into my brothers room (who is 6 years younger than me). I opened his wardrobe and done a pee. All of his clothes got soaked.

    • your bro must have wanted to kill you when he woke up

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    • I wasn't going to say this one, but what the hell... one time (I think my 21st birthday night out) I got absolutely hammered. I woke up to find that I shit the bed. The worst part about it was that I was lying next to a hot girl. I didn't hear from her again.

    • well you shited her haaa

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  • I have a few, pretty much all involving hitting on girls I dont want anything to with sober and passing out in strange places (usually on the floor somewhere)

    • The funniest was probably when I ended up on my friends deck, too drunk too move. I crawled insde on my hands and knees, tried to convince this girl I worked with to hook up with me, then passed out draped over a footstool.
      And my friends got all of this on video.

  • Don't have one, but I make sure no drunk person I know is embarrassed later.

  • I was spinning out drunk when I arrived home at around 5am, it was summer and it was light outside, I was lying in my bed and started to feel sick but I held it for so long that when I decided it was gonna happen I didn't have time to make it to the bathroom, so I barfed out the window and for some reason my neighbor was awake and out in his garden having a cigarette. So he was just stood there having a smoke and he sees the window fly open and me lean out of it vomiting from the second floor. What a wasteman! lmfao