Money. Who's Most Generous with Giving it or Spending it on Others, Males or Females?

  • Us guys, no questions asked.
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  • Us females, duh.
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  • Neither
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  • Mutual
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  • Aliens
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  • What is money? Cuz I stay broke...
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  • Older men and women (53-up)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Females spend money easier and are more generous then guys. Not all females but still more then men i seem to believe.

    • Really? That's really cool.
      It always seemed like guys were most generous, at least here in my neck of the woods

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    • You're welcome! Thanks for the MHO :)

    • You're welcome

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What Guys Said 3

  • I am very surprised that females didn't vote males. Its almost like the expectation the males have to pay for everything has been lifted0_o

  • If I am in strip bar, me

  • Usually it's guys because they try to buy affection, plus there's more blood sucking women out there than guys because of the way society is set up.

    • It does seem that way, huh? Well, there more independent women nowadays

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    • Meh, believe what you want.

    • Fair enough. I'm sorry if I got it wrong.

What Girls Said 3

  • I think it can be mutual, like I was previously in a relationship with a boyfriend who barely spent money on me and I always did on him, even little things to leave for him to see/have when he got home for work and I wasn't there, just to make his day a little better. I guess i was just more thoughtful, my present boyfriend is the better version of me haha and always tries little and big things to make me happy, always taking me out for lunch and dinner even breakfast sometimes, he doesn't like it when I pay for things, but he's really old fashioned. So it took a bit to get use to.

    • Yeah, I know what u mean. Kudos to you both and your relationship. :)

  • We've been asking people to donate to a pediatric program so kids can afford to go home for the holiday's and women by far have greatly out-donated the men when we ask them if they'd be willing to.

    Mind you, we ask if they'd like to round up to the next dollar amount so sometimes it's only 2 cents and we get scoffed at and told no.

    • Wow. It's probably because when it comes to kids, women are most nurturing. But I could be very wrong in this case. Anyway, that's amazing and a very good deed.

  • Rich people