Do you feel that life is pointless?

I think its pontless, if it isn't tell me why?


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  • Sometimes life does feels pointless when I think of it from particular angles. For e. g. one of the harshest realities in life is the fact that we all have to leave this world one day, we're here just for a time and a season and we don't know the time nor the hour. And regarding this, I realize that when we leave, we're not carrying anything with us. Be it earthly possessions, status, our great ideas etc. It's always hard for me to think that after all the fighting, the sacrifices, the blood, sweat and tears, this is what it boils down to. And this is one of the thoughts that always bombarded my mind over time, there are many others. e. g. (passed on loved ones, failure, perilous situations 100 times too many, stagnation, hard time achieving life's goals that we've set before us just to name a few more) May write a take on this some time. But at the end of the day, it doesn't means that life is pointless because life is what you make it here on this earth, while you're here. So we need to take care of ourselves and do what we will to live until our number is called. We may not all have the same status and lifestyle as we may wish we had but, we can work towards making things happen to the best of our ability. There is a winner and a champion in all of us. I have more to say but my thoughts are scrambled. So I'll leave it here for now. Great question by the way


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