Ex self harmers: do you get "triggered" by pictures?

I hate using that word because I feel like it should be used for other kind of situations but who know, whataver.

I used to not care THAT much but in the past few months, if I see a picture or something I get this itching in my hands and can't stop thinking about it, and it takes all my strength do anything. This can go on for hours.

Do you feel the same?

aight then


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  • It's at the slow hours because It's Sunday night in the U. S. where most users are from so the majority of them aren't on right now so there's probably not many ex self harmers on right now either as a result. Try updating the question again In like 12-16 hours when there will be more users on for them to see.

    • Not the answer I was expecting but thanks haha yeah

    • I know, completely irrelevant but I felt bad at the no answers and you looked like you were wanting some serious feedback. I've never self harmed before so I don't have the experience and couldn't really give any other good feedback.

    • I know, it's fine thanks :) yeah I wanted to talk about this with someone but oh well

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  • Sorry I only just saw this question! Umm for me i dont like to refer to myself as a self harmer or ex self harmer but i have tried to cause myself pain to relieve an emotional overwhelming feeling but i more bruise myself barely ever cut.
    Certain situations trigger me into wanting to bruise myself, situations where i feel worthless usually and anything could trigger my feelings of worthlessness, but i cannot recall a picture triggering me.
    Hope that helped

    • Yeah I know how you feel. Tbh I think that still counts as self harm because you are harming yourself

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