What do you guys think of people who cop out and use the follow and unfollow method on Instagram to gain followers?

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  • I do that here on Gag, what is the problem? I'm not forcing anyone to do anything or lying about myself, or anything like that.

    • Exactly. It's just a way of kinda getting more followers. I don't see why some people get upset or butt hurt if you unfollow. I'm not forcing you to do anything really and I'm not promising you anything.

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    • I agree with you @bellepepper. On Instagram though it is super common though. It's like quantity > quality.

    • On Gag it's the only real way to contact people.. most people don't like getting messages.

Most Helpful Girl

  • LOL is that A Thing? I have to say purposefully attempting to manipulate numbers is pretty sad. Like, it's probably time to step back at that point.

    • Yes it's probably the quickest way to gain followers. You can gain like 100 followers per hour it's pretty crazy honestly.

    • Huh. Well okay then. That seems silly to me. It doesn't matter how many numbers you manufacture. There will still only be the same limited audience actually spreading your content.

    • Honestly I tried it and my pictures got like 100+ likes each it's crazy. I mean, I'm not doing it anymore. I just tried it. I got bored and it's just Instagram and only one guy said that he didn't like that I unfollowed him out of 200+ gains lol.

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  • I don't have an Instagram account but that really pisses me off when people do that. No they're not going to follow me and then unfollow me trying to raise their followers you either follow me also or I'm unfollowing you back... Cheapskate

    • I mean I can kinda see why some people do it... If they just want more followers and stuff. I also think it's just Instagram and social media isn't even all that real. Some people take it too seriously, I guess I wouldn't like it if someone started developing a very fake persona believing they were famous became of all of their fake followers. I'm not really a fan of the whole "IG famous" inferiority complex anyhow.

  • Lame, lol, if people have to do this, they obviously suck and care way too much about stupid instagram numbers.