Why am I crushing on this guy from high school? Do I HAVE TO go through this?

We're friends on Facebook, he's kinda like a friend and he's given me mixed signals. But I think I'm crushing on him HARD and IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!! OMG I do not know what to do. What's the whole thing behind crushes? What do I do? It drives me f***ing BONKERS!! Kinda like anger in a way. I think it's kinda similar.


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  • It's normal for humans to have crushes. Just let him know that you like him.

    I personally HATE having crushes, because I never have the courage to confess, and even if I did, she'd reject me anyway.

    • I think it's definitely not easy to confess. A couple days ago I sent him a winky face to give him a hint, on Facebook messenger but he still hasn't looked at our messages since. I found it confusing also how the last time I got a response from him, I said "have I ever shown signs that made you think I started having feelings for you?" He said "I'm not really sure". What the heck!

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    • Should I post on his Facebook profile/timeline with something like his full name or nah? He still hasn't gotten the latest message which makes me wonder

    • No no, don't post anything like that until he responds top your previous text.

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