I'm crushing on my best friend... are we both bi (read)?

So I'm a freshman in college this year and about three months ago I met this girl named Mo. She and I instantly clicked and became really good friends. About 2-3 weeks ago I started getting feelings for her, but I've never been bi-curious before so I was really worried. Mo is the typical cute, outgoing, sorority girl at college and I think I may just be in love with her personality. But anyways, never did I think she could feel the same way about me and that's what scared me the most.. because I knew I'd never be able to tell her how I actually felt about her. We had never talked about being curious before with each other but tonight was a little weird. We rode in the back seat of the car together to a country bar, but when we sat next to each other she was very touchy, and on the way back from the bar she rested her head on my shoulder and jokingly said, "This makes me feel like I may be curious.. just kidding." Then another time she brought up being curious in a random conversation and said that she loved guys but at one time she thought about seeing what the other side was like because she was curious. There were 3 other people in the car other than us, which included her cousin, her mom, and my best friend so it was weird that she'd even bring that up in conversation. I'm just wondering if maybe she might feel the same way back? And if I could maybe discuss how I feel with her? What do you guys think, would that be weird? Any comments are helpful!!

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  • i'd think she likes you, but i don't have any way to say for sure. you could let this go on awkwardly, or you could try talking to her. something like "i don't want to be weird, but i'm getting mixed messages. are we friends, or are you into me?"

    as for never being into girls before? i have an opinion on that, but this might be the wrong place for it, so let's fall back on something simpler: women form very strong friendships with each other that can be more openly emotional that male equivalents, so it's hard for a guy to judge what is going on. but i am personally of the opinion that a straight girl is more inclined to, because of emotional attachment and the natural beauty of women, find herself considering other women, than a straight man would be with other men.

    my advice is to try to figure out what it is you want (what if you date her, kiss her, are all happy, get to bed, and realize, when it's all in your face, that no, you do not want this!) and then, no matter what it is you discover about yourself, be OK with that. And then talk to her. And if you decide that you do not want girls that way, and she says she is interested, tell her the truth, that you are flattered, and that she made you question what it was you actually want, and that while you decided on guy, you are not offended, and she is still very important to you. and if you decide you are into girls, so much the better, if she likes you too!

    Just keep your friendship in mind. it hurts too much to lose a friendship, so don't push anything unless you think that it will either go somewhere, or that, if it doesn't go somewhere, what you already have is not damaged!


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