Samaritans or st. john ambulance, which is better to volunteer for if you enjoy helping people?

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  • Depends really. Both can be equally as depressing seeing and hearing what you'll have to each day. With St John ambulance though, you might get more closure on people you come across and know you've definitely helped, with samaritans, you could go weeks and months wondering if that person you spoke to is ok now.

    • Even with St John Ambulance though closure isn't always going to be guaranteed. You could have attended to someone in a life threatening condition, handed them over to hospital and never know what happened after

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    • I think saneline are closed at night, only open during certain hours. Samaritans, you could be told to be there at midnight, 3am, 6am, any time really.

    • With St John, My friend told me you start as an event first wider but if you work your way up to Emergency Transport, you'll be expected to do NHS blue light shifts, which could be at any time.

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