Why are guys described as being dogs and do you keep your dog on a leash or let roam free?

Well a dog is a man's best friend.


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  • Also Dogs are loyal...

    • True!

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    • We taught our cat a few things. To leave our bird alone, not to jump on the counter top or the table, not to pick at the furniture. After a while he accepted it and just did not do these things at all. We were not mean, in fact we were very very loving to our cat and he really trusted us.

    • @Applefan1 i went to a girls apartment once.. she had roommates... and while we were all chilling in the living room... me, her and her two roomies... he was in the corner just watching. Then I went into her room with her, he literally opened the door just to get in and jump in the bed between the two of us lol...
      Male instincts are a bitch eh? bt he was the only male in there.. didn't like other males i guess. but like you said... yes, they can be coerced, and like i said... yes they are intelligent... they just Choose. and thats the fun part.

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  • because women are bitches, and bitches need their dogs.

    Troll harder next time


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  • If a girl says all guys are dogs... Honestly, it says a lot about her and her choices in men more than it says about all men. Similar to when guys think all girls are sluts and it just proves what kinda person he is and what girls he knows.
    And if your guy is a dog. Let him roam free and become a stray, so you can have something other than a dog.

    • Your answer makes no sense so you try harder Epic Fail.

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    • I agree with you. I once said something about if a woman keeps meeting jerk after jerk after jerk then it says something about her choice of men and I think this woman got all pissy with me. LOL. Also you are right this does also apply to men to. If a man keeps meeting bitch after bitch after bitch then it says something about his choice of women to.

    • When you tell people this, they don't like it because they don't want to look at themselves and see the real reason it keeps happening. It's easier to say others are bad than it is to look at what you're doing wrong.