How can I give up on this girl?

So, I know she has no feelings for me as anything more than a friend. The only reason she wants to talk and hang out is because we do have a pretty good friendship and she doesn't want to lose that. It's not like I want to end our friendship either, I just want to stop having all these feelings for her.
I don't know how I can do that if I talk to her all the time.

Should I cut contact for awhile? But then wouldn't that make her mad or make her think I hate her?
I'm trying to find a job and also get new hobbies. I have been hanging out with friends more as well but she's on my mind all the time.


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  • I'm sorry, but the only way you can stop having feelings for her, is by severing all links with her. So yeah, you need to sacrifice the friendship in order to move on.

  • You gotta understand that it's not happening and just move on. Stop obsessing about her and thinking about her constantly, and if you really can't do that then its best to cut contact with her.

    Just focus on your hobbies and hanging out with your friends, maybe meeting other girls.

  • You must talk with her what you think. I hope she understand.

    Good luck.

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