Okay It's time to share your favorite recipe? What do you like to cook?

You should say recipe name & say the steps how will cook the recipe.


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  • I make jazzed up ramen. You can use whatever veggies or meat you like.
    I put chopped carrot, broccoli, onion and olive oil in pan. Let the veggies soften a little. Add garlic and ginger. Add sauces, I use orange sauce, spicy szechuan sauce and soy sauce. I let it cook a minute or two then I add about a cup of water and ramen noodles. Then I cook the noodles until soft and add cilantro. Sometimes I add peanut butter to make it more protein rich and thicker. Either way, it's really versatile and cheap.

    I make tacos
    Put olive oil in pan, let get hot. Add onion and carrot. Let soften, add garlic and salt and pepper. Add cumin and chili powder. Sometimes I add potato if I want really filling tacos.
    In another pot, add garlic and onion and olive oil and cook until aromatic, then add canned black beans.
    Take filling and add to taco, beans first, then filling, then avocado, lettuce, and El Pato tomato sauce or chipotle sauce.

    Enchilada sauce.
    Add a hell of a lot of chili powder and 1 teaspoon cumin. Cook for half a minute in vegetable oil. Add water and tomato paste. Salt to taste. It should be a thick sauce. Cook for about 10 minutes low and covered. My recipe is based off of this recipe, sometimes I add water, sometimes veggie stock. Either way, it's super easy and delicious.

    I make homemade eggrolls.
    Cook carrot, garlic, mushroom, and coleslaw mix. Add soy sauce and stiry fry sauce. I add shrimp for my grandma. Salt and pepper to taste. Let mixture cool, add into egg roll wrappers. Fry. Make chopped garlic and soy sauce mixture. Eat up.


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  • I like cooking with meat, fish especially. Hard to narrow down a favourite recipe, I have 5 or 6 ways to cook walleye I really love.


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  • If I ever did learn to cook, I would most definitely want to learn to bake pastries.