A girl insulted me today, should I tell someone, or should I wait to see if she does it again?

I was walking down my hallway and a girl behind me says, "What's her name?" But i didn't know she was physically asking for my name, so then she says to me, "Hey, You!" I looked back thinking that she was going to say something nice, or just ask a simple question. So I stopped a little and just walked with them. She was with a taller girl named Isabellla i think, But i guess they were looking for a vunerable target, and they have gotten mistaken because if she does it again, its going to be violent. So continuing, She said, "Do you have bricks in your hair?" Which i didn't even know what she meant by that, so if someone knows what that means, then please tell me. I responded with a "No." and she laughed and said, "Well, your hair looks greasy." I just said, "Uh huh." and walked away. I still walked with confidence though, like I didn't look down. But they still laughed at me, which kind of hurt. So i need some help from the girls and boys, I thought about telling a teacher, but I thought maybe they would think it is stupid because it was just a one-time insult. And thats why i was wondering if i should tell the teacher or wait. I'm in 11th grade, and i thought... 'Isnt it so immature that an 11th grade girl would do that?'

So please help me.


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  • How old are you?

    • 17 almost 18, I'm kind of glad to be at that age, but I really didn't understand. any ideas?

    • Your post says that you are between 18 and 24. Why?

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  • She's pretty much making fun of the texture of your hair.

    I think you should shrug this off and proceed to walk with confidence.
    You're an amazing girl !
    People that have to target someone in order to feel better about themselves are the true losers of society. A lot of people in high school stick together in folks and say horrible things about others as a way to seek approval from their friends.

    You're better than that !

    You showed it by continuing to carry yourself with pride.
    Unless her insults become continuous then I would report It if I were you.
    But for now , continue to move forward and not look back.

    If she calls for your attention a second time , simply ignore her. Do not play the puppet or the fool, you now know her mentality so you have the upper hand in choosing to be the bigger and better person
    . Walk away.


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  • Just ignore it. Some girls just like to be cruel so they can feel better. She was just being immature and you shouldn't take it seriously or personally. No point of telling a teacher about this. If she does it again then say with a smile and slight laugh "What are you trying to do?". In other words try to look and sound like what she's doing is not hurting you in any way. That she is just wasting her time.


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  • Lmao thats so rude. Just brush it off, I know its hard, but they're bitches and they strive for attention. So the less you give them the better off you are. I don't think you need to tell a teacher. But act like nothing ever happened. If it does happen again I wouldn't even glance at them. If it gets serious i'd tell a teacher though. But really don't give them the upper hand and remember to take the high road. Remember, in life there's always going to be nice and mean people, just stay away from the mean ones. Seriously though, what bitches lmaoo.

  • It's immature and she's trying to embarrass you. I would just ignore it and tell her to try better next time, people will always try to bring you down and theyre not people worth paying attention to. Only respond next time if you truly feel like you have to.