Geeks! I need your help. I can't get my phone to move the display when I hold it sideways anymore?

So I just downloaded the most recent iOS update for iPhone 6(I hate this phone) and now when I hold it sideways the won't follow and shows it still longways. Where do I go on my phone to fix this. I looked through the settings and saw nothing that talks about it.


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  • You have it on portrait lock! Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you will see a shortcuts menu then click on the lock icon on the top left of the menu! Make sure it's not white! by the way I'm not a geek more a less intelligent 😂

    • I've never swiped up before. My mind is blown.

      Also thank you. I don't know why the update auto'd it to portrait lock.

    • Haha glad to help XD

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