Is it normal I see things when I shut my eyes?

I keep having these weird experiences when I shut my eye in the dark. I see figures, often people, buildings and shapes.

I saw what looked like a man in a top hat at some point... he had a narrow face with black hair and side burns.

This isn't a joke at all... I was pretty scared when it happened... what is it?


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  • You could get night terrors/sleep paralysis. My boyfriend gets nightmares almost every night for no reason, and usually he's awake for them but he's just seeing things that aren't there. It's very strange and I feel so bad for him because he often yells things/screams in his sleep until he's woken up by me. He's seen shadow figures before and said it's common for people who suffer from sleep paralysis.

    • I've had that before, but that was because I was extremely hot and uncomfortable. It was very nervewracking though, I thought people were trying to cut my throat.

      No this is with my eyes closed... I saw a man. I saw his face full on, and then to the side.

    • Hmm... I'm not sure then. He often has dreams of an unseen person/thing dragging him to wherever he's sleeping (at my house it was down my stairs, yesterday at his house it was out his window). I'm not sure if there's a cure for it, it seems like it really sucks.

    • This is him. This is the man I saw.

      I'm certain OMG

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