Who was in the wrong here?

Three people are in the story but will use other names:

Mary fools around on a drunken night with Tina's (her best friend) boyfriend Thomas, all except sex and has been trying to move on from that one regretful night. Months later, Thomas confesses on his own will and they break up.
Tina goes towards Mary's house and surprises her with a hard backhand enough to nearly trip her and a bit a blood as a result. Tina wants nothing to do with her either.

Then Mary is upset that Thomas rat on her (when he promised he wasn't going to tell) and she slaps him and calls him out on snitching. Did Mary deserve such a hard backhand like that (only reason she didn't hit back is because of the situation though)?


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  • I know if a bitch every puts her hands on me, she's dead!
    whoever sniteched snitched, can't do nothing about that. She shouldn't of snitched. should of minded her own buisness. but maybe whoever snitched had a crush on thomas.. things won't go back to normal after that.

    • The snither was Thomas, her then boyfriend that cheated on that night.