How to overlook someone who is trying to make me feel bad?

Long story short: i broke it off with my best friends earlier this year, I dont miss her, but my other friends keeps posting pics of them doig shit togheter all the time. I dont mind them hangig out, but its kinda obvious that she/they want to rubb it in my face. Because normally they never post things, they just "happen" to do it when they are togheter, its never 1-2 pics, its always 3-4 pics.

And im not good at asking to hang out or anything, and its like i said, it doesn't bother me that thye hang out, but the whole "trying to rub it in my face-thing" does.

It does make me feel bad.. How do i stop caring or move on? I can't decide if i should be mad at my other friends, because we were never super close.. but i don know..


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  • That's probably not even the case...
    It could be them wanting you to hang out.


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