Is this lady exxagerating ast such young age or really she is sick?

or this can be real? There is a lady at work who is only 38yrs. I known here since I been in this company for 10 years. Since I know her, she is known for she is kind of hypocondriac or she always is sick for everything and anything. She is single, never married, she does not ahve kids, so on that department is not that she is too busy everyday or she has family stress.

Many years ago she had a boyfriend that she was going to marry, they even bought many things for the new house but the boyfriend cheated on her and they called off the wedding, therefore she had to get physchological help and therapy sessions to deal with the issue, back then she was like 32 years old. The time passed and she never change in the way that for everything, she has some kind of illness that she always end up at the hospital or have a leave from workso she can rest at home, for any illness she may had., She is very thin she has always been very thin. But since I know her, she always talk, she got sick of this and that and she is under these medications, etc.

Her job at work is very hectic since she is multitasker, so she is under stress very often. and also becaue her supervisor sends her to business trips away from the office very often so she is in and out of charter local planes several times a week plus she always stay up late at work.

Last Saturday she posted on FB a pic of herself at the clinic as she was getting soem serum due to a very acute colitis attack and then the next day she had to fly to attend a meeting locally away from the city. Today she told me that lately she had been very depressed as not only she has her own problems, but also she is dealing with some family problems too, her mom had been sick from some months now, her sister does not help much around the house or with her mom (but her older sister is not married but lives by herlsef) and all of that had depressed her a lot and she was now diagnosed with severe depression.

she told me today she has a grave ilness as she was diagnosed with severe depression and she is under some medication. She also told me sheis trying to be strong and not try to take a lot of medication as that could damage her stomach, but she is dealing now swith so many problems now that she even mention me in a joking manner that sometimes she feels like jumping off a bridge,


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  • Ask her which it is.