In my house I feel like a slave?

I Clean the entire house by myself and my sisters just sit and watch. Noone does anything. This been going on for years... it's sad that my sisters dont care to help. On of my sisters wants to join the Marines, but she is lazy. I asked if she can help, she said yes and never did it and I had to do it... and the funny thing is she was watching me do it... sometimes I feel sick doing everything, I feel light headed... all they do is junk something up and I have to clean it because I dont want my parents to say anything. I also feel that my parents took care of us and that we should show our appreciation. I feel my sister take advantage. They just chill around. Sometime ago, I told them how I felt and they got mad at me. Im young, I shouldn't feel stressed. What should I do?


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  • Take the junk they leave laying around and THEOW it in their room. A few time of this will break egg sucking dogs

    • That won't bother them... My sisters rooms are junkie

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    • Stop doing it. It will become filthy in no time. Them make your case to the parents that the slave days are over. If you are gonna work your butt of to keep the place nice the pig shit attitudes have no place here that EVERYONE will be a part of keeping it clean

    • Thank you. I hope your New Year is better than how the last one ended

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  • dump everything in their room.. theyll have to clean out and they'll also get how much work you're doing. anyhow tell be out of your parents way.

    • My sisters rooms are junkie, they won't care

    • itl still make it easier for you.. and i think they'll care eventually. as it piles up.