What do you think of police investigations after seeing these videos?

Well if I somehow get in trouble with the law and I did nothing wrong, I could use these videos to prove my case

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  • The polygraph machine has been used as a psych tool for years; people believed it worked and would actually give their confessions up simply because they believed it worked.

    It was a confession placebo.

    It also turns out fingerprinting worked somewhat the same way, and there are other tricks that induce psychological beliefs of guilt and confessions through quite literally doing nothing.

    A lot of DNA testing (though thank god they don't cover this) can actually be inconclusive. It's the notion that it CAN get you that get's people to crack; all you have to say is, "we have DNA" and they instantly know it's theirs and connect the dots and give in.

    Don't ruin our greatest weapon against crime: Criminals themselves.


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  • I like the first video, but the 2nd one about fingerprints didn't really disprove it. The polygraph i know doesn't work in all cases since u could be nervous and some questions may trigger you emotionally and be falsely determined as a lie due to raised heart rate and sweat. For example, if the police ask if you murdered someone. My heart rate would simply rise by the fact that it triggers you emotionally and even by the thought of being put in jail could raise your heart rate.

    But for the fingerprints, has anyone actually found a match with someone elses fingerprint. Im not fully convinced by the 2nd video.

    • but i do believe the actual testing process can be flawed for fingerprinting. they test for a small percentage of a match or partial match of a fingerprint which they call points. this makes it inconclusive if it is an actual match and people can be falsely accused if they have a similar fingerprint.

  • 1- Polygraphs are an investigative tool. They help investigators find the truth. An incriminating polygraph alone is not enough to get a conviction.
    2- True, fingerprints are not neccessarily 100% unique. But as stated in the video, chances of finding two indentical is miniscule. And a single matching print is usually not enough for a conviction.

    To get a conviction, a compilation of evidence is required, fingerprints, polygraphs, etc are part of that process. So yes, I believe in them.


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