I was robbed and violated, what's happened to our world?

So a few days ago right at the beginning of the evening since the weather was nice I was in the middle of a walk down the side way through a town that I've walked through many times in the past.
Through out the town there are little alleyway/spaces between some of the buildings but they're very small. Maybe like 4 people wide standing side-by-side. I was walking past one of these spaces when this grungy dirty looking guy grabbed my attention.
He goes hey man can I get like $5 to get some dinner. I was in a good mood I thought why not. I turned, stepped a few feet to the side. I took a 5 out and handed it to him. He said thank you, can I have another $5? I smiled and said I'm sorry but I only have $20 on me and I need it to buy something around the block.
He goes, well that's too bad and pulls a gun on me! Tells me to quietly step in to the side street. What choice do I have? So I do.
Dude tells me to empty my pockets. I give him my keys, phone, license, $20 in my pocket and my chapstick. He throws my keys farther in to the side street and puts everything else in the pockets of his coat.
Then it gets weird, he tells me to take off all of my clothes and leave them on the ground. I'm like;... what?
He goes; take off your fucking clothes. So the shoes, shirt and jeans came off and went on the ground. He then tells me to fuck off and that I can come back for my keys in 5 minutes when he's gone.
I run around the corner and hide so no one can see me in my underwear and socks. I wait and wait, what I thought was about 5 minutes, I ran back around and looked for my keys in the half dark. Took me about 25 minutes to find them. Thankfully no one ever saw me. By this time it's pretty dark. I made my way back to my car without being seen by dipping in and out of dark spots as people and cars went by. Eventually I made it to my car and as I was getting in I heard a camera snap and saw a flash go off, followed by a girl laughing at me. I hopped in the car and got out of there. Got home, called the cops and all of the legality. I know he won't be caught.
I guess he needed my stuff more than I did. I'm thinking he was going to sell my clothes and things for money. At least he didn't shoot me.
In any event, a place I always felt comfortable walking down/through I am now skeptical of. I know it was one time, but what an creepy feeling. I felt so violated.


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  • I'm so so sorry for what happened to you. :(

    There are some horrible people in the world and I want you to understand that it's nothing to do with you and more about them. It doesn't matter how hungry you are, as a human being you should never strive to hurt and humiliate someone. I hope you understand that you don't deserve what happened you. You should be able to go anywhere and fear no one so there's no excuse for where or what time it happened.

    Sometimes as well these things that happen can have a very bad effect on us and I've been there myself and now suffer ptsd. Don't be ashamed to speak to a doctor or councilor. These things shouldn't happen and you should be compensated.

    Lots of love and healing being sent your way xxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you for your kind words. :) xox

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  • Wow that is sad

    • Yeah it is. Ultimately I don't care about that stuff though. I mean it sucks that I have to buy a new phone and those were my favorite jeans and most comfortable shoes BUT I'm just happy that he didn't have me do all of that and still put a bullet in my head.

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    • is what? lol

    • Nothing

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  • You should start carrying a gun.

    • If I had a gun, I may have been shot.

    • May have been is the key phrase in that sentence. You'd probably still have your phone, clothes, and dignity.

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