Why do some people get pissed when I say that if women that are bitches don't change their ways guys that are jerks would just use them for sex?

I am not saying I agree with guys using them or sex or they deserve. Also I am not one of those guys using them for sex. And I clearly said guys that do that are jerks, yet people say it is messed up what I am saying. I am just saying a sad fact that I heard from guys that are jerks. That many of them just get in relationships with women that are bitches just to use them for sex. These guys aren't my friends, I just notice guys post things like that sometimes on this site.



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  • Because it's not always true. Some bitches get used for sex, some don't. Some women that aren't bitches don't get used for sex, some do

    • Well I didn't mean anything bad by what I said. Actually trying to help the woman out

  • It because they dont want to accept the truth.

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