I feel so much anger, how do I get rid of it?

My parents divorced a couple years ago but I feel so anger for example my dad keeping secrets and lying saying he's done caring about a SO but I see him texting some girl a couple months ago and he tells me they're dating then they broke up a week ago and I thought yay no more distractions but noooo he gets another girl and that got me mad like why do you need a girl. My dad took me out of school for bad grades which I understand but in the new school I was crushing like crazy on a girl that I was talking regularly to as my first girl best friend but I made no move. I say it's because I'm shy or whatever but I know that she's not in my stratosphere and would laugh at me. Then I make some pathetic attempts at contacting her that don't work so I'm officially done with this bitch. Sorry for language but I'm starting to release some of my anger into this post. Now my friends from middle school are starting to separate into different groups. I'm bored and I hate myself for even thinking I had a chance at not turning into some bratty teenager that has outbursts some times. But then I hate my second thoughts on how if I unfollow her on IG I won't see her again and I had a humongous crush on her. There I just unfollowed her and she has a private account so yea... I'm starting to calm down. Thank you for listening to people who give a fuck. Sorry again


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  • that was racially kind of cool. you vent well. nice and precise and to the plot in and out. i like it:) and very honest with yourself. it a good trait.

    • Thanks I guess

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      completely unnecessary filler word, and it was a typo on top of that :)

    • Ok nice

  • My parents divorced when I was eight and I'm 21. In super angry too at times. I wonder if this is an issue that requires counseling, mind you, I have seen several counselors and the only thing that temporarily alleviates the frustration is exercise and attempting to maintain a balanced diet. It keeps my priorities in check but the frustration tends to come back either way -_-

    • My parents divorced when I was 11 and I'm 15. I've seen a counselor before in 8th grade but that was before all this HS nonsense

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    • Because I'm poor asf. That counselor was assigned to me by my school when she read a essay I wrote that I didn't think she would read.

    • Oh I see! Well, try anonymous hotlines they're free. Search for some online and from there you can speak with someone who will listen to your issues at your discretion.

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