I can't stand my roommate but she's my cousin, what should I do?

So this year I am a freshman in college and last year my cousin and I decided we wanted to be suite mates. The hall coordinator screwed up and put us as roommates so we had to live together and couldn't do anything about it. When we were little kids we wouldn't get along because we had opposite personalities that didn't mesh well together. We thought that it would be fine rooming together because we had grown up and matured since we were kids, but our personalities still don't mesh as well as they should. I am so unhappy with my living situation that I'm scared to go back up to college and the thought of it makes me uncomfortable/anxious. Not saying that I don't love college because I do. I've made some awesome friends up there that I absolutely adore and can't wait to see again. But basically, what I'm saying is that I'd love college if it weren't for my roommate (cousin). However, since we're cousins my parents have a big issue with me changing rooms and moving in with someone else. They told me that I have to suck it up and live with her for the rest of the year.. but that's a WHOLE 5 MONTHS. I don't want to go against what they're saying, but I also know that the rest of my freshman year will be crap if I don't move. If you were in my situation, what would you do? Any comments help! Thanks for your time.

  • Stay rooming with her, you don't want to upset your parents
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  • Move rooms, just talk to your cousin about it first
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  • Move rooms, it's your decision not hers/your parents
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  • If you are paying for your education, you should move rooms. If not, suck it up.

    • The room I'd be moving to would be cheaper for my parents or the same so price doesn't matter.

    • I'm just saying that if you're paying, they can't force you to room with your cousin. It's more complicated to get them to sway if they are paying.

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