Don't you think we should get rid of (Third Wave) Feminism?

Feminism are trying to make it illegal to lie to women before sex.

Basically if I tell a girl I'm the Manager of a branch of McDonald's but in fact I'm working in the drive through... I'm a rapist.

If you say you've been studying at Oxford but in fact you're studying in Hull. You're a rapist.

Feminism needs to go.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Out of all the reasons in the world to get rid of feminism this is the example you give? Liars/players aren't going to get much sympathy.

    • Never said it wasn't. I said it was the only example you gave. Learn how to read.

What Guys Said 2

  • Oh silly, you're not a rapist because you went to Harvard or you work at McDonald's. You're a rapist because you're a man -Feminism.

  • Ah ha haa haa ha! I'm not surprised though.

    Feminists are the most dishonest, self-centered pigs in the history of humanity, and yes they need to go.