Why do guys ask me to be their friend?

Why do some guys ask if i want to be their friend?

This mostly happens on dating apps and they will say "Hi, you seem nice, can we be friends?".. I mean im there for dating, it even says so on my profile.. and its a bit weird

Another time i was at this shop, and this guy that worked there came up to me and said "I have been staring at you since you came in her, you're just beautiful", he also said we would like to get to know me and asked for my number, but before i could answer this other worker came and asked what he was up to.

When i left the shop he came running after me asking for my number, i said i had a boyfriend, so he said that je just wanted to be my friends, i told him i dont even live here (Im from norway, but i was on holiday in london), and then he backed off.


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  • "Friend" is the entry level for possible relationship these days.

    • Its such a weird way to go about it though. .. I would never ask someone "hey, wanna be friends? "

    • You're a girl. You wouldn't do many things guys do.

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