If a guy has a history of bailing on relationships when it gets hard, do you think he's likely to do the same thing again?

my boyfriend wasn't the greatest to other girls in the past. When things started to get hard he'd distance himself and flirt with other girls or even consider cheating on them. There was one incident where he did cheat.

But do you think this is a character flaw or simply cause he hasn't found the right girl to try hard enough for?


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  • This is a character flaw. He's scared and doesn't have the guts to go through the hard times.
    Best case scenario: he has some underlying trauma you dont know about.
    I suggest trying to understand him first. If he doesn't open up, see where things go and expect a breakup in some time. If it gets too hard to bear this doubt just be honest and open up. If he tries to explain himself but doesn't sound honest in his story dont stay with him.


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