I feel like society treat me like im worthless just cause of my gender even a lot of the time. I can't be the only guy who feels like this?

I know I struggle in general with feeling worthless and unappreciated by people, but man. Am I fed up and tired of all the sexiest remarks I hear or get all the time. I never wanted to celebrate Christmas alone so badly as this in my life. Dont want any presents or people, just be alone in my own comfy company. Fed up with society and everyone. I guess I could go into more detail about everything, but cause of the whole worthless thing, just makes me close up a lot. Hard to share anything, but seem and feel so needed at the moment. So pardon my whining and this question.

And for the girls, do you feel like society or people treat you like you are worthless, just cause you are a woman?


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  • America is a feminist society that rewards women more than men. This is the unfortunate truth

    • Not just America. Feel like this is much the case in many parts of Europe too.

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  • It could be worse... You could be a guy who has a small penis. We get disrespected by everyone.