Am I heartless if I don't like my family?

I love them but I really don't like them. They help me out with school and everything they are good hearted people. Never abused. They are just sort of weak. My dad grew up with an alcoholic father who used to beat him and was very disciplined. My dad is the opposite. He never kicked me ass in and taught me discipline. He pretty much let me do whatever I wanted and I felt I had no guidance. Today my dad is getting older. He works and moans and bitches about money all the time. He is just getting old and is tired I guess. He literally does nothing but eat fast food work and lay on the couch. No house projects nothing. He also seems to forget so many things. He never went to college but he does make good money. I think slightly over 100,000 a year. But we are so far in debt. It's almost like he has no sense of what he is doing when it comes to finances. Our house is falling a part and we barely scrap by.

My mother is a good person too. She always loved me. She is a type A personality. She has become very lazy over the years. She doesn't really do anything around the house and just takes care of her self. She bitches and moans about things that are out my control. I think she just does it to hear the own sound of her voice. She lays all the weight on my father.'

My sister is another story. I'm sorry but she is a loser.. She has very overweight and has become a jesus freak. She has the mindset of jesus will get her out of her depression yet she doesn't do anything her self. She is very weak minded and has no ability to think on her own. She has my parents pay her debts and she lives at home and has no money what so ever at the age of 25 lol. She tells me I'm going to hell all the time because I'm agnostic after I've respectfully asked her to not bring up the topic. She has temper tantrums at the age of 25. It's just ridiculous. She is like the definition of a fuck up who never made it. I don't filter my thoughts about her anymore. I tell her she is

  • It's understandable.. a lot of times you grow apart from your family
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I forgot to add my family often times calls me selfish because I took their money for college. They call me selfish because I don't go all out and buy a bunch of gifts on Christmas. They call me selfish because I choose to invest my money in the stock market instead of spending it.


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  • I hate the idea that you HAVE to love your family simply because they're your family. If your mother or father is abusive or if they are constantly putting you down and don't care about you, your life, your feelings or anything then no, you don't HAVE to love them.


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  • My family is almsot the exact same, parents are identical... But throw a shitload of heavy narcotics in the mix... They r helping you with school, u should be grateful they are... Best thing i ever did was mobe out... I've had to cut ties with my whole family cuz they were a 100 times worse... and thats literal based on your discription... If its possible, enjoy your family cuz one day they will be gone, and you dont get another one

  • Maybe you should move out...

    • I'm about to. Like I said I'm just look back at everything.

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    • It's really sad man. I just look back at old photos of me growing up and I have to ask what happened you know.

    • Oh well...

      Today's a new day...