Is it a good thing to be isolated from everyone because I have psychological issues?


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  • Do you get major anxiety when you are around people?

    I say it's better to cope with your problems rather than acting like they do not exist.

    Reach out to family or friends for help.
    Reach out and seek therapy.

    Try to work on this problem so you can move forward in life.
    You don't want this to dictate the rest of your life , do you? Make decisions that will aid in your benefit.
    This is the only way you will overcome this obstacle.


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  • isolation can partly induce psychological issues.

    seek treatment.

  • Depends on what problems they are and if you are a danger to others...

    • I don't think I am a danger to others. Maybe the only problem I have is my constant psychological unstability which seems hard to be tolerated by others 😔

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