Have you ever had a bottle randomly explode?

It's kinda freaking me out, because I have absolutely no idea what happened to it. 2 weeks ago or so, I bought a 6 pack of the coke glass bottles, because I got bored and wanted to make them look like nuka cola bottles from fallout. So I sanded one of them to rough up the finish and then smeared some black and brown acrylic paint around on it, and it ended up looking really good and weathered. I only did 1 of them and then put them back under my desk because I was going to finish the rest later, but today I just looked over there and the one I weathered was completely exploded and a bunch of glass was sitting in the case where the coke bottle was and 1 piece of glass was on my carpet about 3 feet from it. I haven't even touched it since a day or 2 since I bought them, but I never heard anything that sounded like a exploding bottle and haven't noticed anything, so I don't know when it happened. But it's kinda freaky because it's sitting in the same place, untouched, in room temp. I've heard of bottle exploding because of temp changes or being in the cold for too long, but I've never heard of a room temp bottle exploding. Is there a reason for this?


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  • Yes! I have!


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  • maybe a slight crack or opening let air in enough to make it slowly release the carbon dioxide pressure and let it build up to explode. or maybe it was just shaken enough to let carbon dioxide release and build pressure and explode

    • I googled it earlier and found someone's post and he said his beer randomly exploded when he got back from the store, and someone commented and said that it might have been a small crack from whenever it was molded. Which it doesn't make sense to me, unless all the pressure inside there is trying to escape out of that crack

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    • yea or you somehow got mentos in it. lol

    • lolololol

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  • Nope never 🙂