Is this normal?

ok so i tend to not eat most i eat is dinner and a few snacks but thats really about it and now when i eat afterwards my stomach hurts like is this normal?


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  • Not normal... Worth checking with a doctor for, seriously, this sort of thing is better off nipped in the bud early on before it gets out of hand and/or causes real damage.
    Please take this seriously, it might be something minor or could be more serious, but you shouldn't be in pain and unable to eat.

    • i can eat i just chose not to and its like terrible terrible pain just a stomach ache that happends after i get done eating so I don't know its just weird its never happend befor and only started like the other day so yea

    • Yeah that's important to get checked out. There's probably some psychological stuff going on, which you want to address, see your doctor and let him/her know what's going on.

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  • This is due to gastric.. you should consume the three meals. I suggest you to see the doctor if your stomach continues to hurt.

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