Do all retail stores cut hours in the winter?

I worked at lowes a couple years ago and after Thanksgiving if I remember right they cut all the part time workers down to 10hrs a week. They don't even give out a full 8 hour day so by the time you drive their and take out the taxes, eat your little snack at break time you're working 5hrs to make all of like 30 bucks. lol I have a small business and it's slow in the winter, so I've pondered getting a part time job, but I think it would interfere with my business to not make it even worth it. I actually enjoyed working at retail type places like lowes cause most people are my age and gives me an opportunity to make friends. I just didn't like how they treated the employees. They also changed the schedule when they felt like it.


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  • a lot of places do. Im alaskan lol

  • I don't miss retail at all. Yes that's common practice. Some companies are worse than others. I had a job that would give me 8-10 hours a week if I was "lucky"

    • The reason they do it is so you can't collect unemployment if you quit. I was just curious if it the other stores were similar.

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