How do you know if you're evil?

LOL I know random question, but if you're evil wouldn't everyone else appear to be the evil ones from your perspective?

I read somewhere that people can only do what's right based on how they see what right is so for example if you had an inverted sense of morality than lying would seem right to you.


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  • You're right in that regard.

    "Right" and "Wrong" are man-made terms
    which serves to benefit a community.

    Even humans, the "right" thing would be to go extinct
    because our planet would be better off without humans on it
    but that doesn't mean we're going to just lay down and take off.


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  • I think it's different for different people. Some evil people think they are saving everyone or that everyone else is corrupt or misguided. But some bad people know they're bad and revel in that.


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  • Humans are evil because of our free will and because believe it or not we're all selfish