Isn't it shocking when you meet a young good looking person that is nice?

Most young good looking people here in America are jerks. There are some that are nice, but the majority aren't. When I meet a young good looking person that is nice, I am like, wow that is rare lol. Like at work, I know this really attractive young woman that is nice. It isn't rare with older good looking people. Most of that good looking people that are not young are nice though. It is cause of maturity and life experience.

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Correction:I meant to put ''Most of ''the'' older people not ''that''


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  • I disagree! A lot of people who aren't attractive have a chip on their shoulder due to low self-. esteem. So they are usually bitter and not very nice to others. So I think a lot of people in general are not nice.
    I suppose it depends on your definition of nice. My definition of nice is someone who never intentionally hurts other people.

    • I said young good looking people. I should have been more specific, young good looking people under 25. Many of them think the world evolves around them. Most of the ones 25 and over are fine though

    • Do you even live in America?

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  • I think goodness in people forms a bell curve. Relatively few people fall in the extremes. I think that with very attractive people, a higher percentage of them are used to getting what they want, which can lead to impatience. However, most good looking people I've encountered are alright. No, I am not shocked when I encounter nice, attractive people.


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  • Why should that be shocking? I mean it's fully possible, there are people who are highly principled, and they are very attractive as well. I can understand you may not come across such people on a regular basis, but I don't think it's shocking as such, may be you just get surprised when you come across one.

  • I am not surprised. My company isn't huge. We all have to be nice to each other and get along to get things done.


    • I work alone though at my job and I can tell that girl wasn't being fake nice. She talked to me during break time. She started the convo. Also, it sounds you don't work alone, whereas people have to be nice. I said generally most people under 25 that are attractive aren't nice.