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Okay there is this suitcase under my bed (Its been there for years) it was my Grandfathers suitcase. Ever since I was little my father said to never open it until I was more mature which got me confused but I obeyed. Now my Dad has passed away and I Inherited the house, I got suspicious and decided to look in the suitcase. When i opened it my jaw literally dropped there was a nicely folded German uniform from WW2 on one side and on the otherside were blueprints, letters and paper I couldn't read them of course because they were in German which sucked and in the middle was a German soldier holding a rifle which i figured was my Grandfather. I knew he fought in World War 2 for Germany but I never knew he kept anything from the war. After I looked through the stuff and tried on the uniform (hehe gammon who wouldn't) which fitted well, I packed them in the suitcase and put them back under the bed. Now I'm wondering what will your reaction be if you seen this kind of history?

In the middle of the suitcase was a photo


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  • ... DO NOT DELIVER IT TO A MUSEUM. LOL. KEEP IT as a reminder of your relationship. there's nothing wrong for fighting for germany my grandfather was fighting for Germany in ww1. if you throw it out it will make it harder for you to remember him. being able to look at it will help you keep more memory of him

  • I would deliver it to the museum.