What do I do now?

I know this is stupid but I kinda need help.
About 4 days ago I told my guy best friend that I need a break from social media and talking and he said ok and please take care of yourself.
Then 2 days ago I stayed at my friends house overnight and the next day she decided she wants to meet him and so we did.
They spoke for a while, had a laugh together and I was just left out. He did hug me goodbye though.
We still haven't talked on social media and I know I should start the conversation but I feel annoying and I'm guessing he finds her more interesting than me anyway. Also, does he think I'm avoiding him because he's the only friend that I told that I'm having a break? I just don't know, do I talk to him now? What if he doesn't want to be friends anymore?


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  • Talk to him and just chat about your day. It will naturally drift to wherever you want it to go from there. And you don't really know who he finds more interesting. But if you have feelings for the man it really doesn't hurt to be honest and open about them with him as hard as that may sound. That's also a big step in being able to have lasting relationships by expressing yourself and being able to include a partner with what is going on in your life.


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  • ... I told my guy best friend that I need a break from social media...
    It seems his feelings have been hurt and his heart may be hurting, for he may feel it has something to do with Him... Personally.
    Contact him and get on the same page. Explain yourself so he knows and understands why you are 'Having a break,' so your Valuable friendship doesn't end up the bough and bond That.. Breaks.
    He was just being a sore sport when 'I was just left out.' This was his own' Personal' way today to show his feelings in That... Way.
    Time for Up close and Personal now.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He still wants to be friends no worries! He might just be interested in more than just friends with ur girl friend. Just message him and say "OK breaks over! Lol what's up? How's it goin?" And act like nothin ever happened.

  • Just start a conversation, you will never know unless you talk to him.


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  • Just message him and see what he replies.

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