Is there any evidence black people see better in the dark?

First of all, not trying to be racist so if you're afraid you will be offended, simply move along to a different question.

So stating the obvious; black people are harder to see in the dark its just a fact, I'm not trying to be racist. So I was wondering since throughout the majority of human evolution most racial groups have only had eachother as mating, friend and foe options up until a couple of thousand years ago.

Therefore black people would have a more difficult time spotting a potential mate or enemy in the dark compared to white people for example who basically reflect the moonlight.

So I wonder if black people may have evolved better eyesight in the dark.

What's your personal opinion on this?


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  • I can see really well in the dark and I am Caucasian with very blue eyes. Seems that Blacks, having evolved to withstand life closer to the equator may have eyes which tolerate sunlight better.


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  • Well, that made me laugh, they might have better eyesight, who knows.
    But I think seeing people in the dark is not a major activity you don't , you don't see people spending 2 hours trying to see black people in the dark, they switch on the light.
    So I don't think it really affects the eyesight as much as you think it does.

    • Its survival though. Your enemies are dark and you need to see them in the dark. Mind you, you would be dark and hard to see too so the one with the better eyesight can strike first.

    • Same thing, if you don't face that situation more often and for long periods , you will never develop a thang for that.
      You will not just become adept at fighting with tigers, if once you manage to ward off a tiger with a hockey stick.

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  • Not all black people are hard to see in the dark you need to get your facts straight and as for being able to see in the dark, well they must eat lots of carrots for that, are you serious! one thing that is a well known fact that i do know is black people DO NOT come from neanderthal man, only whites do, now isn't that an interesting fact.

    • I'm talking about the really dark black people from before whites ever got into the blood lines.
      I already knew that about Neanderthals. Although they do have a common ancestor with black people all be it before rather than after the fact. White people did not directly descend from Neanderthals or anything either if that's what you're saying. There is up to 1.5% common genetics with them though which suggests interbreeding at some point. Most likely rape on behalf of the male of either species.
      Another interesting fact about neanderthals is that scientists have discovered a neanderthal had such a good memory that it could remember everyday of its life.

      By the way I'm just stating the obvious, I'm not taking a shot at black people in any way. They ARE harder to see in the dark and I'm trying to research whether or not that fact has any bearing on their evolutionary biology

    • Blacks have no DNA from neanderthal man you're so off base but back to this question you said blacks you didn't state "Really Dark" blacks do you even have a clue what the hell you're talking about?

    • I'm talking about black people. The color is implied. I didn't say light colored black people or brown people. Only black people native to sub Saharan Africa have 0% neanderthal DNA. Others actually have it.

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  • "white people for example who basically reflect the moonlight."

    To see better in dark their eyes would be like cats have a reflection in the dark

    • So you don't think there's even a slight possibility that due to the circumstances in which black people lived through most of history, they didn't develop even slightly better vision in low light compared to other races.
      I actually find it pretty logical. Do you also see some logic in the idea. Know of any tests that have been done, statistics or anything?
      I'm trying to research this

    • dude the only thing they have extra is melanin in the eyes the colour pigment

    • Maybe. We'll see in a couple of months when my paper is finished.