Do you feel dizzy when you wake up after sleeping a lot lke 7-8 hours?

Although I’m used to sleep about 6 hrs, lately I don’t wake up immediately since it’s cold, and I tend to sleep 1-2 hrs more…but when I wake up I feel like I was sleepin for days and I feel kinda dizzy…. whoa….

It has happened to me before…everytime I oversleep hahaha….

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  • I do, but 7-8 hours aren't enough for me, I sleep almost 12-16 hrs everyday

    • more than 12?

      gee it doesn't sound normal i'm afraid... :/

    • It's not normal at all😓

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  • Yeah sometimes, and back pains too, I guess we aren't meant to sleep that long😊 But if I only sleep 6 or 7 hours I'm fine but still didn't want to get up

    • ah and back pains too... yeah...

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  • What's happening is that your body is going into a new cycle of REM sleep, however your internal clock is already set out of habit, so it takes a bit for your brain to adjust... Like booting up a computer after doing a software update.