My girlfriend was molested now she doesn't want anyone near her because she feels disgusting, help?

She was at a party with her neighbors night before last and her long time friend was behind her and grabbed one of her boobs. I know that's not as bad as many molestation stories but now she feels filthy and disgusting and doesn't want anyone near her or to touch her. Please help me and my girlfriend out!
What can I do or she do to make her feel "clean" again?


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  • I've been seriously molested and completely taken advantage of. That kind of thing will scar anyone. Movements and memories will make them feel that way and disgusting. Does me. But anyway tell her you wouldn't ever let that happen to her ever again when you are around. Show her you will protect her and keep her safe. Give her space at the moment. Make sure to ask her before you even kiss her to make sure she is okay. Tell her you would never touch her in a way she didn't want.

    • Thanks! Another thing you must be gentle. Movement a touch a place may bring those horrible memories back. She will always feel disgusting and unclean. I do. Just protect her let her take time, and love her that's all you can do.

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  • Moral support.

    • She doesn't feel any better no matter what I say and I'm really concerned that that feeling of being unclean may never go away

    • Don't remind her of that , change the topic

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  • Its not big deal, give her time and She will heal in the mean time you can catalyze her healing time by just doing this,
    "Grab your baseball bat and beat the crap out of that fucker (friend) who did this"

    • I want to but that's not gonna solve anything, she's more of a pacifist than anything

    • Yeah, it sucks but at least confront her.

  • Nothing, it sucks trust me. It gets easier to handle but you never loose that feeling completely. Just be there to remind her she is beautiful and that her past doesn't define her future.

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