Why is skinny girls not good but fat is acceptable?

I see that being skinny nowadays is something bad, but I 1000x preffer skinny girls, not that big fat girls. Why is fat so popular is that because more than 60% Americans are obesse?
Why is skinny girls not good but fat is acceptable?
What do you think, why is being fat so popular? If you just look back in 1990 or 1980 you can see how people were fit and healthy now girls are saying no I'm not fat I'm just big boned.

That's question and stop deleting my opinions question.

I'm asking this question because it's quite shocking, what do you think?

Why is being skinny not good, but fat is acceptable* I don't know what's wrong, it's just a question and I don't want harm, but it's true are a lot of envy people.


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  • Did they delete it the first time?

    • yep why?

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    • oh you did, so answer again, damn :)

    • I can't. It just doesn't have the same impact.

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  • What you're saying is actually the opposite of reality! Women get fat shamed so often, even if they are just 'healthy' and not fat!

    • it's not true, I see it's changing. As well as for me I'm quite skinny but people are joking and making fun of me. I've got fast metabolism but some don't understand.

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    • and men don't get "skinny shamed". they may get picked on slightly, but you can't compare that to the way women are treated in regards to their weight.

    • @thewanderingme

      It happened to me as well. I was overweight until a year ago, and was judged for it. After that, I lost weight and people started saying I have become "too skinny and weak", which wasn't really true. Now, thankfully I seem to have struck a balance! :P

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