Should I go to therapy?

Whenever I date a guy I like (I've never had a boyfriend by the way) I always get paranoid that he's seeing someone else too, which I know is completely fine if you're not together but I still freak out about it. Also, whenever a guys I like rejects me, I go crazy, like I can't stop pestering them, I become angry/annoyed that they don't like me and I become very emotional about it; like I just can't accept that I've been rejected. I don't know if I just get attached too fast or what, but I know this is unhealthy behaviour.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Therapy might give you some strategies that will help you deal with problems like this. It never hurts asking for help, and it's a sign of strength, not of weakness. So give it a try.

    One such tool to deal with rejection might be to find a healthy activity that you do when you get disappointed. For a while, whenever a girl disappointed or rejected me, I went to the gym. Sure, I was single, but I was healthy and felt great. And other people started to notice. It only takes a few weeks to develop a habit, if you stick with it every day.

    Maybe you can find something like that as well. Therapy could help.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I need to do the same thing! Thearpy is something I need as well! Um... My quick remedy is to try to change your mind to positive. So, you got rejected? Maybe that guys wasn't the right one anyway! Someone funnier and way better is coming to your way!
    "I always get paranoid that he's seeing someone else too"- Focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Your thinking too much about him!~ Do your homework and study! Focus on making new friends that care about you! Loose up dress nice and just do your normal routine! Sing and dance in room! Take a walk or go for a run with music! Imagine what it be like if you never had anyone who loved you and accept the possiblity of begin alone forever! Who do you have left? YOU! So, you try to be not so hard on yourself! Let yourself just complain let yourself laugh! Let yourself gloat... if you do something amazing tell the world out loud! Hell tell the world your the damn president not queen cus that me! lol Make your life about you and be postive to others! Slowly try to do things like activities to make yourself happy like learn a new skill! For the fun of it! So, when you get a guy and you feel like you can't trust him... you won't worry about it because you know your awesome or you can be! Peaaceout!


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  • Yep you should make a thearpy and work in your self esteem, then rejections won't hurt you that much.

  • Therapy isnt' a bad idea for anyone.


What Girls Said 5

  • Some people take rejection harder than others. I react similarly to you and I am in therapy, for that among other things. One of my therapists told me rejection is hard because each time you're rejected, it brings up every other time you have ever been rejected in the past, not always consciously but at a subconscious level. If you were abandoned, excluded, or betrayed by someone you cared about in your childhood or something like that, it could be a big contributing factor. Therapy is useful to help you gain more insight as to why you react the way you do and ways to change your perspective and gain better coping skills. It helps you be more in touch with yourself and have a better grasp on your emotions and reactions. Hope this helps

    • Ahh, that makes sense. When I was 15/16 a now ex-good friend started harassing me which probably has something to do with it.

  • All though therapy isn't guaranteed that you will come out a changed person, you should get more intune with yourself through therapy as there may be others reasons why you do this, an underlying meaning.

  • get angry or sad for being rejected is normal but start to freak for it or because a guy is seeing someone is a bit bad even i jealousy is normal, Maybe you shouldn't see therapist but work more on being more confident , love yourself, go out more and getting new people, move on and being positive trying not to give up.

  • Rejection is painful because it lowers yourself -esteem. You start to feel worthless. You need to change how you respond to rejection. What you think about is what your body and emotions will react to. Try to look on rejection as redirection to something better. Rejection means the person either failed to notice what you have to offer, or they weren't ready for all you have to give.

    It seems like you are very insecure and we all have insecurities. If it's affecting you too much either see a therapist or look to self- help. That can be just ass effective. You need to find the root cause for your paranoia and low self- esteem , so you can start responding in a more positive way.

    In life... pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. All emotional pain is actually just your own thoughts. So changing your thought process is necessary to change how you respond to certain things which you face in your life. You may need to see a professional, if it is too difficult to do yourself. 💗

    • Thanks 😊, your opinion has probably been the most helpful so far

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    • Just remember your value doesn't go down just because someone fails to see your worth 💖 xx

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  • Usually, therapy is recommended, if a behavior disrupts your own personal life in a way that is detrimental to you. Is your behavior detrimental to you? Do you want to change? How much money are you willing to invest in fixing yourself?

    Personally, if you have the money, then why not? But if you are tight on money, it may be best to try self-help techniques and seek a general practitioner. Maybe your GP can make a diagnosis and refer you to a therapist.

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