What do you think the Santa Claus policy should be with little kids?

As one who has worked with children virtually all my adult life, this question has come up. I have had younger students very boldly come out and ask me about Santa Claus. I will tell you how I answered later. For now, I am curious what you all think. For those who have children or have young nieces and nephews or are close to your friends' kids what do you think the policyabout Santa Claus should be?


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  • Just be honest.
    Christmas is the day they get a good dinner and lots of presents. And Santa Claus is funny but no more real than Donald Duck.
    In Belgium both are mixed up and it gets complicated:
    Saint Nicholas -Sinterklaas- looks like a bishop, comes on Dec 6.
    Sinterklaas and his black slave reward the good kids, punish the bad kids, put them in a bag and take them away. The black slave Zwarte Piet, is a kind of bogeyman but is nice with the good kids, giving little sweets, weeks in advance some times.

    and then there's Christmas on Dec 24 eve. Thus kids cash twice :)

    Santa Claus (père Noël, Kerstman) is a nice guy, looking like the American Santa Claus.

    • Saint Nicholas -Sinterklaas- is more religiously inspired than the Kerstman.

      I never tried to sell those stories to my son.

    • At last another male's opinion. Thanks for sounding off.

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  • My daughter can believe in Santa Claus as long as she wants to. Why ruin the magic of a kids childhood

  • It was more fun when you believed in him. Found out at quite a young age that he wasn't real because of my brother



      Thanks for sounding off. .

  • Thank God nobody's ever asked me yet. Tough question. I hate lying and disappointing people equally as much.

    • I don't know anyone who felt lied to or terribly disappointed for having believed in Santa

  • As i answered on another question;
    Let them believe for as long as possible. Thats the joy of being a child, believing in magic and wondrous things...


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  • I'll let em believe in him as long as they want to, I personally believe in old Mr. clause even today, due to a unexplained event I had, still can't explain it even today lol not unless someone can explain to me how people just vanish out of thin air literally.

    Of course they are all derived from a very real person and you'll find legends and stories about similar characters in all cultures around the world. As for what I'd tell my kids I'd tell em to always believe in the spirit of Christmas, not necessary Santa Clause but just what it's all about.

  • They'll figure it out on their own soon enough. If they don't figure it out by the time they're... Let's go with 10 or 11, it's time to break the news.

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